• Custom LED Marquee Letter PCB

    Custom LED Marquee Letter PCB

    I have an electronics project I am working on and I need to cut out a PCB on my Bantam Tools CNC Mill. Unlike other projects, where a regular ol’ square PCB will do, this one really needs a board in the shape of the letter B.

  • (Not so) Simple Offset Gauge

    (Not so) Simple Offset Gauge

    One of the great things about the Othermill (and the newer Bantam Tools machine) is the fixturing bracket. You screw the bracket down, the mill probes the it to know where it is, and then you can align your material precisely to the bracket. It makes flip milling a lot...

  • Flexible PCB

    This is a tutorial I wrote in late 2017 for students at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago when I worked there. When I wrote it, it had been more than a year since the last time I made a flexible PCB on the Othermill, so there may...

  • CNC Milled Glass Stamp

    CNC Milled Glass Stamp

    Part of my day job involves managing the glassblowing studio at Ringling College of Art & Design and I have been wanting to make something for the hot shop with my CNC. After some thought and a little research, I settled on making some hot glass stamps. I found out...

  • Motorcycle Cruise Control

    Motorcycle Cruise Control

  • Double Sided Tape Showdown

    Over the last couple weeks, I’ve seen a few videos around YouTube talking about using masking tape and cyanoacrylate glue for CNC fixturing. The first was from Winston Moy at the end of January where he demonstrated the relative strength of masking tape/CA vs. Nitto P-02 and gave his thoughts...

  • Fusion 360 Tool Libraries

    When I found out that Bantam Tools had custom tool libraries on their website, I was super excited. I had downloaded their Fusion 360 tool library a while back, but I had been manually changing the speeds and feeds in every time I set up a milling operation. Let me...

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